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April 13, 2020
"Traded our Cadillac for parts and ended…"
Traded our Cadillac for parts and ended up using Peddle.com (who utilizes Insurance Auto Auctions to handle the transactions and secure the towing company). Great experience with them! I will say that after reading many reviews regarding them I called them to ask for information about the local towing company that would be used. I then called that company to ask about the driver and asked for his number. I then solidified a pickup time with the tow company dispatcher. On the day of pickup the tow driver called me and when I asked him what he needed and what paperwork U would be expected to sign, he explained that he would have a check for me in exchange for the vehicle. Very smooth transaction. Our car was parked at the mechanic's so that is the address reflected on the check. Just be sure they put your home address on the check. Thanks for the replies.
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